Friday, August 24, 2012

checking in

Happy Friday!  This is just a checking in post to say "please don't abandon me"..... No pictures and no finishes right now.  I seem to be doing more reorganizing than any actual construction of anything.  I had Darlene H. from QFC send me four sets of embroidered squares that need to be put into a quilt.  She sent me 3 sets of realistic cars and a set of 'gone fishing'.  Looking at my stash for fabrics that are 'manly', I find I don't have much.   Most of the males quilts I've made have been for my grandsons and they are young and still are okay with sports and 'cutsey' type fabric....  I do have some fabrics that I think will work with the 'gone fishing' theme.  I'm just hoping I have enough.  I'll probably do something along the lines of strip piecing.
So, until next time, I do hope you're all having more creative adventures than me :-)



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Don't worry - we don't need pictures or finishes - just like to know what you're doing - ;)) I had the same trouble finding "manly" fabrics for "Wolf Song" - but greens, blacks, and browns worked for me. They might work for your "gone fishing" theme too - ;))

Sewing Junkie said...

I always look for plaids. It could be shirtings. So many times color is the main thing with a man's quilt. Tone-on-tones work also. You will find what you need. Chris