Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Scraps

Headed into Tucson this morning to use a 50% off JoAnn's coupon for a roll of batting.  Got home and saw some bags in the carport.  I asked DH if he was expecting someone to drop something off to him.... ummm nope.  He picks the bags up and says, "looks like clothes"  What???? I ask him, "you mean maybe material?"  "oh, yeah, Maybe that's it."  Okay, so who's left me fabric....I go in, listen to the answering machine and sure enough a friend left me bags of fabric - more specifically, bags of scraps.  Now this friend does not know my love/hate relationship with scraps.  All she knows is that I quilt.  I call her up to thank her for the scraps, wondering where she got them as she doesn't sew.  She was at a yard sale yesterday and the lady had 'grab bags' of scraps.  My friend thought of me and grabbed some bags.  I am so appreciative of her thoughtfulness.  I truly am, but wasn't I just saying not too long ago it was time to get control of my scraps?!?!   Now I will make her something to show how much I appreciate her.
Also today I scored a really nice desk.  I've had one of those clunky huge metal military style desk that was my 'office' area in my sewing room.  I've been talking about wanting an armoire type set up to replace it.  I go into my favorite thrift store today and lo and behold here's this nice desk with the hutch.  Oh, Oh... it also has a $500 price tag on it.  It's an Ethan Allen desk and I'm not going to pay that much for something to just replace something that is already functional.  Long story short.... I get the desk for $150 and they will take my metal desk and an oval oak coffee table I've been wanting to get rid of also.  They will deliver the desk tomorrow, then it will be more rearranging of the sewing room.... but it will so be worth it.

Happy Weekend to all,


Sewing Junkie said...

Katie, You and your scraps. LOL They don't bite. I know you will be having fun with them. Chris

Linda said...

I wish my friends would leave scraps for me! It's like Christmas!! Enjoy them!
Good deal on the desk!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

And if you don't want them - I'll give you my address again - ;))