Saturday, August 4, 2012

Smart ? Phone

Disclaimer: This post is NOT quilt or even sewing related, sorry….

Cell phones, Mobile phones, land lines, smart phones…. okay, all used for communication purposes.  Some even send photos…. but the “smart” phone.  I guess it’s a little computer, GPS, camera all built into one little device.  But, hello……. Not everyone uses a smart phone.  I’m seeing all sort of things pop up about ‘just scan for coupon with your smart phone’ – okay, so how do you get a coupon if you don’t have a ‘smart’ phone???  Or “scan here with your smart phone for more info”, so where do I go to get more info???  SO, do I need to get some sort of scanner for my computer for use at home? 

I have a cell phone – it’s a pay as you go sort of thing. very basic and I pay $20 every 3 months to keep it active.  I have well over $60 worth of time still available and it’s time to add the $20 already… SO, do I really need a ‘smart’ phone?? I’m at home 90% of the time.  I can use my computer, I can use my camera and download into computer, I have a GPS for use in the car and I even still have a land line that works when I lose electric power (which fortunately is rare)

Okay, so someone please explain to me why I should have a ‘smart’ phone…  and tell all these businesses that not everyone owns a smart phone!



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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

BOB totally agrees - and thinks that "smart" phones are for the people who want/need "technology" as a substitute for actually being "smart" themselves.

But then again - it's probably just me - ;))