Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend work

No finishes to talk of but I did get a bit accomplished:


This quilt will be donated to a teen boys home in Pittsburgh, PA.  I chose the gold thread on black as those are the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team – and we all know how boys like their football!  I will quilt this using a freehand flame motif.  I need to practice a bit as I plan on using a red thread which will definitely show up on the black.  I did have to change out the tension spring on the quilter, so need to use a practice quilt to set tension IMG_1635anyway…..

Also worked on a couple Farmer’s Wives blocks:

IMG_1634On the right is Birds in Air.  I used HST units cut from trims from a previous quilt – I almost threw those little bitty things away!  I did not have matching fabrics for those HST’s but I think I did an okay job of matching the colors…. On the right is Bouquet.  More fabric from the scrap bin.  Which lead me to do this:

IMG_1636I took a couple hours, sorted by color and put into bags.  I took anything 2½” or smaller and put it into a strip pile as I’m still working on these:

Someday I may actually have enough to do something with!IMG_0317

I still have a filing cabinet full of odd pieces of fabric.  I also keep a trash can next to my cutting table for ‘scrap sized’ pieces that still need to be sorted.  We’ll see how far I actually get, but it’s time I get some sort of control over my fabric.  Actually, I really need to see what I actually have and use what I have.  I’m on a mission to use up my older fabrics….. Again, we’ll see how far that goes.

Hope everyone has a great week,


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Boy - you're on a roll!! Good job using your scraps - and you almost threw those little bitty things away - HA!! - ;))