Thursday, August 16, 2012

Question time

I'm simply curious this morning.....I really enjoy the creativity of quilting.  I like the use of colors and patterns.  I use my EQ5 (yes I know it's outdated!) to 'draw' out ideas I have rambling around in my brain.  I  rarely use the same pattern twice.  And that is my question - Do you tend to stick to a favorite tried and true? or are you always on the 'prowl' for something different?  Are you drawn to the 'newest' block/quilt patterns that are floating around blog land?  and what about fabric lines?  Quite frankly, I can't afford to buy all LQS fabrics.  I keep telling myself I WILL use up my stash.... well, maybe in my next life time.  What about books?  When I first started quilting, I loved books!  I bought books (and the specialty rulers that went with them)!  I bought magazines and subscribed to several!  Now, I look at a book, put it back.  I look        at the cover of a magazine, put it back.  Rulers - well, I'm still a ruler junky, but not so much what's considered 'specialty' or a ruler that was designed specifically for a certain quilt pattern.  My quilt book shelf has gone from a full shelf to less than a half shelf and could probably be trimmed even more....  My last book was the "Farmer's Wives" book and I did get the companion CD for EQ.  I will, maybe someday, get those blocks done.  I also got on the 'craze' for the "Dear Jane" quilt - well at this point in time I'd have to say that was a total waste of money for me.  I think I have made 4 blocks ......
That's it for my curiosity for now.  If you have any other questions that you'd like to ask ME, please just ask away...



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

So many questions!! ;))

OK - here goes -

Patterns - I have a few patterns that I have used more than once but I am also on the "prowl" for something different. The "newest" ones with the "newest" fabric lines all look like little cookie cutter quilts - not really special to me. Guess that's why I have been drawn lately to "scrap" quilts - no two are the same.

Fabric - I can't afford the new LQS fabrics anyway - so I usually check the scrap bins and sale stuff. I have a HUGE stash from my working days - and tell myself that I should USE IT UP! - ;))

Books - I LOVE books. I am pretty much self-taught - not many LH teachers or classes - so I read and study books trying to figure out how to "just reverse it" - ;))

Rulers - I have tons of them - and only use a few. Learned the hard way that most of them are RH.

And I'll trade you your "Dear Jane" book for whatever I have that you might want - ;))

bernie said...

I enjoy the creativity too, but don't draw up my own patterns. Have not used the same pattern twice, but would like to make certain ones again. Have a very LOOOONG list of patterns I would like to try. I think some of the new fabrics are great, but am trying to only purchase with a project in mind and therefore have cut back drastically on purchasing (also finances can't afford the price of fabric right now). Am also trying to use the stash up. Unless the quilt is for utility use, I try to use the better quality fabric, only because I don't want to put the work into a quilt only to see the colors fade and the fabric not hold up well. Bernie

Candace said...

I have made several patterns more than once, recently the strippie ones that I made. I seem to always have multiple people to make quilts for and sometimes it is just easier, but I also get involved in online quiltalongs and I have done most of Bonnie Hunter's mysteries. I like the quilt shop fabrics, but can't afford 11.00 a yard, so I shop the half price racks (I figure it's new to me) and also online, Connecting Thread, Thousands of Bolts and Hancock of Paducah clearance mostly. I don't have a large stash, but I plan to try to use it up. I've recently made 2 very large quilts mostly from my scraps and I still have more. Amazing how they multiply.