Thursday, August 9, 2012

Playing in EQ

I have an older version of EQ – it’s EQ5 and I think EQ is now up to 7??  I don’t think I can even upgrade to 7 at this point…. maybe I ought to check it out…..

Do you have a Christmas quilt?  I’m talking one that you wrap up in during the holidays and let the warmth of the season comfort you.  Is it a quilt that simply screams CHRISTMAS?  I have a Christmas quilt, but it’s subtle.  It was made from swap blocks where we all had to use the Hollywood & Vines line from 3 Sisters (moda).   So, I’ve been thinking I want to make a screaming Christmas quilt… Several years ago, my sister hit JoAnn fabrics after Christmas and bought a bunch of Christmas fabrics and sent them to me (sis doesn’t sew).  My plans were/are to make Christmas stockings for charities, but there is one fabric that is red with white lettering – the wording is “bah humbug” – not very fitting for a charitable cause, but sort of fits me during the holidays …  I’m planning to embroider some fun type Christmas designs and using this “humbug” fabric.  I was thinking of a ribbon star block, but then I got to playing in EQ and came up with this:

Christmas quilt_thumbthe white squares indicate where I would insert Christmas embroidery.  I wanted the tan/gold to help tone down the brightness of the red and green.  Still not sure what quilt block design I’ll use – figure I still have a couple of months to get it done……

Need to get busy (translated “get off the computer”) as today is the hubbie’s birthday and we have friends coming over for a BBQ this evening.  I have the veggies ready for the grill.  The cake is made.  The watermelon cut up.  I will cube up pork and chicken for skewers and get them into a marinade and will make some bread this afternoon…..

Hope everyone has a great day..



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Wish your husband a Happy Birthday for me!! I like your CHRISTMAS quilt idea - and yes, I have one - Bonnie Hunter's "Christmas Lights" - hanging over the sofa in the family room - year round. I also have a Christmas t-shirt that has Santa and a reindeer and says, "Yeah, HO - Whatever!" - which I wore "outside" once. I got VERY dirty looks - so now it's an "inside" t-shirt - ;))

Linda said...

I can't wait to see your Screaming Christmas quilt!
Happy Birthday to your husband!

Candace said...

I'm with you, I have a Christmas quilt but it doesn't scream Christmas. I have my Iowa (Carolina) Christmas that I made from a Bonnie Hunter mystery and it's pretty but doesn't scream. I just gave away another lap sized quilt that was all Christmas fabrics but no screaming. I want to make a lap sized that screams loudly, I'll be watching yours.