Wednesday, August 1, 2012

As Promised!

Finally – I have some pictures for you….

IMG_1611This  quilt is made from orphan blocks that were set into rows then made into the quilt.  I personally love row quilts – I’ve been in one Row Robin and I so enjoyed it and absolutely love the quilt that was created from that ‘robin’.

IMG_1614I embroidered the burgandy color blocks and sent them onto Mickey M. from QFC (Quilters for Comfort), she then embroidered the navy blocks and assembled this quilt, sent it back to me for quilting > here’s a few close-ups:
IMG_1615IMG_1617I quilted this using a varigated red, white & blue thread.  I wanted to outline the blocks and then do a simple stipple to help the designs stand out.  I then just used a sort of serpentine stitch around the squares.


This is another quilt assembled by Mickey M. from QFC.  I sent her the jeep designs and she put them into this quilt.  Returned to me for quilting.  I did a simple free motion meander on this – the stack-n-whack blocks did not require much in the way of quilting – of course, as everyone knows, I’m a simple freehand quilter…..


This quilt I made for my DIL  to give to a friend of hers that is undergoing treatment after following surgery to remove a brain tumor.  I came across the cross print and decided on the dark pink and blue as I simply am not much of a pastel person.  I liked the idea of pairing the print with the embroidered angels.  This is layered with flannel instead of a traditional batting.   I wanted it to be warm without being ‘heavy’.  I hope it brings some comfort to my DIL’s friend.  I believe my DIL had planned on taking the quilt to her Bible study group to have it ‘prayed over’……

I’ve started on my next projects – yes that’s plural….. I’m embroidering some really cute cats that I’m anticipating putting into a quilt for youngest granddaughter.  I’m also working on a quilt for QFC that is motorcycles embroidered using yellow gold thread on black fabric squares.  I will be using a flame print fabric with more black & red solid fabrics to create the quilt.  The quilt will be sent to PA to be donated to a teen boy’s home.

So are you watching the Olympics?  I’m trying to keep up.  There are some events that I simply don’t care much for.  I’m proud of the USA and the athletes that are representing us but there is a ton of talent at the Olympics and I appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices these athletes have undergone to get to these ‘games’.   



Anonymous said...

You are one awesome lady!!! I think the angel quilt will provide more comfort than you will ever know!!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

GREAT photos - GREAT quilts!! Love how the "Angel" quilt turned out - truly special! Can't wait to see the "Motorcycle" quilt with the flame print fabric - some teen boy will surely love it - ;))