Saturday, September 1, 2012

a little R & R

This was another 'no sew' week for me.  Sunday started it all with my son bringing me materials for a project he'd like me to do for him.  Seems like no matter how old he (or I) get, he still thinks mom can do just about anything.  Gosh, I love that 'kid'! (as I do all my kids :-)  )  Then on to Monday which lead to packing up and getting ready for a camping trip.  Tuesday morning found us heading to the mountains with some friends.
the guys out on the lake

one of our camp visitors

this little guy was a grab and run type of fellow

elk back in the trees

As you can see from the lake picture, it was glorious!  We came back from the lake (about a 100 yard trek) and discovered some disarray of our camp site.  We had some camp visitors that were bold enough to come and visit again - I loved it!  Wednesday evening we decided to take a drive and look for wild life.  I apologize for the poor picture but this was almost dark.  I know it's not real clear but I hope you can sort of make out the elk.  We were fortunate enough to see almost a 100 elk as we slowly cruised the back roads.  They are beautiful, majestic animals and I so wish everyone would have the opportunity to see them in their natural environment.
On to Friday and putting away all the camping gear and getting all the laundry done and the dog bathed of her camping grime.  Then last evening I helped out with a "steak fry" at the local Elk's lodge.  Today I will get some green chili peppers in the freezer.  I am lucky enough to be able to have them roasted 'on site'.  I bring them home, peel the loose skin and get them in the freezer.  I will have about 80 lbs to get done, but OH... the flavor...... makes it so worthwhile!  Then another fun day comes around on Sunday.  Up to the water park in Phoenix with my son and his family.  I guess Monday, I will have to get back to my sewing room.  I have my son's project to get done.  I have 3 more QFC quilts to assemble and finish - that will leave me 5 to get quilted.  I was asked to quilt a small quilt for a friend.  I have to get some embroidery done for a charity auction.  Then I have to finish up my Patriotic Kalidoscope quilt and I have offered it to the Elk's lodge to raffle as a fund raiser.  Yep, definitely time to quit playing around and get something done :-)
Hope everyone has a very happy and safe Labor Day (U.S.) weekend.


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