Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Already?

This has been the fastest week!  I guess I’ve been busy….. I did manage to get three quilts quilted and finished.  Started pressing and trimming a ton of HST’s that I will try to use to widen the Swap Block quilt.  I had a day of company on Thurs.  and a day of shopping with Kari yesterday.  I bought fabric for a special quilt.  My DIL has a friend who will be undergoing chemo and radiation after having a tumor removed from her brain.  My DIL put a call out for people to sit with her friend while friend’s husband is at work.  I am not a good nurse… especially with people I don’t know.  So I call my DIL and tell her I can make a quilt for her friend to take to her treatments.  My DIL has a Bible study group and I suggested that once the quilt is completed that her group have a prayer over the quilt.  DIL was excited over the idea, so I need to work on getting this quilt done ASAP.  I need to come up with a very simple, quick pattern.  I’m going to embroidery angels to incorporate into the quilt.   That’s my plan for the weekend – hoping for nothing to interfere…..

I live in Arizona.  We have ‘critters’ of the creepy crawly variety.  I live with it… they can be outside, but they are not invited in.  For some reason this summer I have been freaking out about scorpions… I don’t see many of them around our home and we live directly across from the desert… but for some reason.  One evening this past week, watching the news there was a report about scorpions, tarantulas and black widows being more prevalent in the city  than in the desert.  Now I live in a rural town, not really a city by any stretch of the imagination, but still… So I get up Thurs night, needing to use the bathroom.  Now I normally don’t turn any lights on at night, but I hear a scratching noise (and I have very poor hearing!), turn on the light and there in my bathroom sink is a not-so-cute scorpion.  Normally, I would have screamed bloody murder, cried for hubby to come…. but I’m home alone!  Crap, what’s a girl to do?  That critter can not stay and visit…. SO being the brave soul I am (NOT when it comes to those type of critters), I grab my closest flip flop and beat that critter to smithereens….. That said, while I was out shopping with Kari yesterday, I stopped at an extermination place and bought some super, heavy duty bug spray.  This morning I will have to mix a batch and start spraying.  Talking to my son last evening, telling him the story, telling him I have to put on a long sleeve shirt, a pair of gloves and pull everything out from under all the sinks to spray – he laughed at me!!  I think he was picturing me with the whole  ‘get-up’ and probably added goggles (maybe I need to find some of those too….)  but he does agree, the scorpions have got to go….. I’ve lived here for 34 years and this is only the third live scorpion I’ve had in my house.  Not really a bad number when you consider how close I live to the desert……

Better get myself busy if I’m going to get a quilt made and go on an exterminating expedition.

Thanks for reading.  Hopefully, I will finally have some pictures to show in my next post….



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

The quilt for your DIL's friend is a lovely idea. Hope nothing interferes with your plan - especially scorpions!! Hate those buggers!! Never had to beat one to smitereens, though - ;)) So thanks for the morning chuckle - I can see myself doing the same thing if I found one in my bathroom sink. Hope the bug spray works - ;))

Linda said...

Hi Katie,
I've returned to blogland, and am thrilled to see a new post from you. Loved the buggy story. We are in South Fla, and we certainly have our share of creepy crawlies. We've visited Arizona 3 times, as our oldest was in graduate school there. I love it out West, so very different from here. Hope we get to visit it again, soon.
I will be praying for the gal undergoing chemo. there's no understanding why anyone gets disease, but God is bigger than anything that threatens us,