Friday, June 1, 2012

And the FUN begins…….

My idea of fun and yours are probably very different… and really I might be totally out of my mind on this one…..

Back up to this past Wed.  Had a Dr’s appointment in Tucson with a date to pick up my g-kids for a sleep over on the way home.  I stopped at this place in Catalina (just north of Tucson) where it’s like a ‘never ending’ yard sale.  I bought some sheets for quilt backings and was talking to the gal about fabric as I was leaving (she’s also a quilter) and the guy who owns the ‘yard sale’ asked me about fabric and he recognized me from being ‘in’ before.  I told him I’m always on the look out for fabric.  He tells me, “we have tons of fabric”  I tell him, “no, I looked and you have very little”  Long story short, he takes me out to an 18 foot enclosed trailer where tote, upon tote, upon tote of fabric is piled.  He ‘bought’ an estate where the lady was a hoarder of fabric and craft stuff.  He was unloading this trailer so he could go and pick up another load.  He told me he was overwhelmed and wasn’t sure how to deal with all the stuff.   I gave him some ideas – something to think about and told him I’d be back Friday (today) morning.  So… with friend in tow, I will be heading down very soon to see what all is entailed with helping this guy…..  I guess you could say ‘I’m going to be working for fabric’  Smile  Not sure what I’ve got myself into, not sure if it will be for my benefit, but…… what the heck, it’ll be an adventure.

Stay tuned for pictures and an update



Linda said...

That sounds like so much fun! Can you imagine how exciting it would be to start exploring all that fabric! I wish I were there!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Lucky you!! One question though - what's the difference between having a stash and being a hoarder of fabric? ;))

Sue said...

That sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do. I'm with LHQ wondering what the difference is. lol