Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quilt shows….. curious????

When you attend a quilt show, what prompts you to a picture of a specific quilt?  Is it simply the beauty of the quilt?  A certain technique you think you might like to try?  Is it the fabrics used in the quilt?  How about the quilting?  Does that inspire you to take the picture?

I have a lot of quilt pictures from quilt shows:


I thought this was the cutes quilt.  I loved the colors and loved the way the quilt maker used a smaller version of the angels to make the border.  The quilting was very nice, also.  This quilt was from a show in Hutchinson, KS and I’m sorry I did not get a close up of the name of the person who made this quilt – she should be recognized for a beautiful quilt.


This is another quilt from the Hutchinson, KS quilt show (July 2011)  I liked this quilt because it was dimensional.  You can see how the butterflies ‘lift off’ the quilt.  See the ‘hand in the pocket’?  and the hat tie is also a bit lose.  The person who made this quilt obviously took a lot of pride in her work and it certainly shows up in this quilt.


This quilt is from the Tucson quilt show.  I know I was super impressed with the quilting on this one.  The confidence to quilt all that color on black fabric – I can only hope to have that sort of confidence not to mention ability at some point in my life.  But look at the curves in the bottom right hand corner of the picture on the right – do you see how the curves have curves?  So unique.  I really think this piecer/quilter did an amazing job.

So when I look at the pictures of these 3 quilts – what inspires me?  In the first one, I’d really like to make at least one of those angel blocks – I’d never seen anything like them and I think it’s just a unique pattern.  Do I want to make an entire quilt?  No, I really don’t.  Just one of those blocks and I’d be happy – and what am I going to do with just one block?  Well, own it, of course – and be able to say I made one Smile

In the second picture, I just liked it.  There is nothing in that quilt that I’d say inspired me to want to make one.  There is nothing makes me say “gee I want to try that”  Some things can simply be appreciated.

In the last quilt, I’d love to try the zig zag feather technique.  I think feathers are predominately used on more feminine quilts, but I think this style could easily be utilized in a masculine quilt

Sew…. what about you?  Why do you take pictures of specific quilts???         And upon looking at my pictures….. I realize I really need to take pictures of the information about the quilters so I can give credit where credit is due



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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I've been thinking about your question for a couple of days now. I'm inspired by ALL of the things that you listed. I usually don't bother with quilts that are "cookie cutter" - same old, same old. Those are boring to me unless the workmanship is exceptional. The ones that I really like are the ones that I haven't seen before in magazines and such - the ones that take my breath away. The "Oh, my God! - How did she DO that?" THOSE ones - ;))