Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And today I will…..

Today I will…. who knows what I will do Smile.  I know,  you thought I was going to give some great declaration.  But, alas, I have doing more puttering than any actual creating.  I am drawn to my scrap bin and I don’t know why.  Well, I do love scrap quilts but rarely make one.  I look at my fabrics and nothing is jumping out at me, encouraging me to cut into them.  So I pull the scrap bin out.  Today I was looking at the slide show on Bonnie Hunter’s blog  Jared Takes a Wife and I really like that block.  So, today, I may pull out the scrap bin and start making up some 4 patch blocks.  Then I can find some fabrics that call to me to put with the little 4 patches to create the block…..

Yesterday, I did work on making some little mug rugs/snack mats for the ladies who will attend Sew Fest (just a month away).  I used some Patriotic themed scraps I’ve had for quite some time.  So this morning (after I start the laundry), I will finish those.

I did do a stitch and flip, sort of quilt-as-you-go method, for place mats.  I pulled out the left over bindings I’ve shoved in a drawer (back to that scrap thing).  Pressed open and in no time had 4 – 15 X 17” rectangles done.  I decided I wanted to round off the edges as I have a round table.  Then because I’m ‘scrapping’, I used more ‘left overs’ to bind.  Note to Self:  Use bias binding (not cut on the grain binding) for curved edges!.  Guess who’s curved corners are curling up on her place mat?!  Maybe I can use that one for one of the g-kids and if they spill anything it will contain it – but maybe I’d have to scotch gard it??? ah never mind, I’ll just make another one.  SO now, I have to cut some bias strips to made some bias binding if I expect my place mats to lay flat……

Sew, guess I do have things ‘in the works’… now to just get working on them….

Until next time – “If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.”



Linda said...

Have fun playing in the scrap pile!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Well there goes my dibs on your scraps - haha. See - they are good for something - ;))

Sally said...

Hmmm I need a trip to AZ to raid your scrap bin. Or just send you my addy and you can send me some LOL. Maybe that would kick start my butt back into the quilting. There has to be a way. Time to find out what I can do again.