Friday, June 8, 2012

Little here, a little there

Seems like I’m just puttering these days.  Getting a little done here and there which I guess eventually will add up to something…..

I love Ace Points designs for embroidery.  I did these Delft Eagles to send on to the ladies of QFC who are attending Sew Fest this year:

IMG_1531While I was at it, I thought I’d make up a set of ‘filler’ quilt blocks to go with the Eagles:

IMG_1530I used the ‘tube’ method and I don’t know why…. I’ve worked with it before and, really, I don’t much care for it.  Maybe it’s the “I’m going to conquer it” attitude I sometimes get.  Anyway, the blocks end up measuring 13½” unfinished, so I will have to frame out the Eagle blocks.  I would like to keep to a more blue color scheme in honor of the Delft…. I’m thinking a navy blue that is more on the blue side than the black side.  Does that make sense to you?  Some ‘navy’ blues are more blue and some are more black – at least in my brain…. or maybe what I think is blue Navy is considered indigo???? whatever – I have an idea in my brain, now to find the fabric!

I went back to the ‘Estate’ sale and scored about 15 yards more in fabric, a pattern, and a ruler I’ve never seen anywhere before:IMG_1532It has slots at different partial inch intervals.  I don’t know what this is used for, but I think it’ll come in handy….I picked up a ziplock bag with 6 quilt magazines from the late 1990’s.  One was a Christmas issue still in it’s plastic covering.  I don’t think any of these magazines had ever been opened.  I have to say here that I didn’t become a ‘quilter’ until 2001 – you’d have to read “about me” to get the whole story – so I really have enjoyed going through these magazines and have actually marked a couple quilts I’d like to try my hand at.  I’m thinking I need to go back and go through more magazines Smile

Scored a few other items that I knew I just had to have…. DH shakes his head but indulges my whims – guess I’ll keep him.

Happy Friday to All,



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I don't care much for the "tube" method either - but to each his own - I'd rather just make a "string" block - they look the same to me - ;)) For your fabric - try "Connecting Threads" - they have a nice selection of solids and "mirage" tone-on-tone. Yummy colors - you should be able to find your blue navy there - ;))

Linda said...

You are right that blues are different. Some navies look black and some are more blue. In art, indigo is a blue between a blue and a violet (which is a purple/blue). It can be a hard color to match, so good luck with it. It IS available!It will be beautiful!