Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kari quilts

My 17 yr. old granddaughter, Kari, finished her first, totally sewn and quilted by her quilt:

IMG_1528I think she did a wonderful job!  She is going to give this to her dad for Father’s Day – I know he’s going to love it.  The hard part for her will be waiting until then Smile

I finished up the last of the QFC quilts I had waiting for me:

IMG_1521This one you’ve seen before when I was trying how to figure out the ‘center’ of the quilt.  I quilted it in a simple free hand meander.

IMG_1522This is such a cute quilt.  I love the embroidered animals that Mickey M. used.  Far from perfect but here’s how I quilted it:

IMG_1523I really need to work on corners!

And here are the total quilts that will be sent to Alabama later today:


and another angle:


I have a Patriotic quilt kit I’m putting together to send off for the ladies going to Sew Fest.  I’m unable to attend this year and it’s driving me crazy!!!!!  Quilters for Comfort also does Aug/Sept cause as our last endeavor of the year then it’s time for working on those holiday projects…Can’t believe it’s so quickly approaching!  For Aug / Sept. the cause is for a boys home and I’m thinking some sort of motor vehicle – motorcycles – what boy doesn’t like a motorcycle?!

And then there’s this little cutie:

FeatherweightMy Featherweight….. I’ve written about her before – my dad was going to throw her away in a dumpster!  I rescued her and taught all my kids to sew on her.  Yesterday while Kari was working on her quilt, I pulled her out and did some sewing (you can see my strips bunched up behind her).  She’s not in pristine condition and her box is in really bad shape (and smells awful!).  She lived in a rickety old storage shed for who-knows-how-many years.  I have scraped the old peeling paint off the bottom of her and repainted – but I’ve been thinking of giving her a face lift!  I see pictures of the little colorful Featherweights, I’ve seen them at quilt shows – they’re so cute…. but quite frankly, I am not going to pay several hundreds of dollars to have someone paint my machine.  Looking at her yesterday, I think between the hubby and myself, we could probably do a pretty good job of fixing her up.  I would love to see her a beautiful lavender color.  And you can buy those gold paint pens….. I could trace and cut stencils for her decorative trim….  Just some stuff I’m thinking about….

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesdayl



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Kari's quilt is GREAT! Good job! Her Dad is going to love it! And you sure have been busy with the quilts - they are sure to find good homes. Your Featherweight is so CUTE! Can't wait to see what she looks like in lavender - ;))

Linda said...

Your granddaughter did a wonderful job on her quilt! Her dad will love it!
Have fun with your Featherweight and do what you want to with her! She would look great in lavender!