Thursday, June 14, 2012

This is really more of a rant.... I don't blog everyday. Why? well because sometimes what I have to say isn't even interesting to me!  I did sign my blog up on when I first started blogging.  I enjoy reading the blogs and have found a lot of interesting patterns, techniques, etc... from reading blogs.  There are a lot of quilters and crafters willing to share their talents.  The generosity of others is always so appreciated.  I have to say here that has a lot to offer and what annoys me - well, it just does...... The site did a bit of revamping a while back (sorry, some things are better left alone) and the side bar advertising scrolls as you scroll down the page.  After a short time, that darn scrolling gave me a headache.  Well, I fixed that!  By doing a 'minimizing' of my screen, it blocks out the ad.  The thing that is annoying me lately,  I can read the blogs from one page, and three pages over... it's the same as page one.    I can go, say, 8 pages, and in those 8 pages there will be duplicates at least twice, usually more!  Now, I don't know how that all operates.  I don't know how the blogs appear.  I don't know if they're read by someone, approved and then posted.  Maybe the blogs are read by more than one person and that's why there is duplicate posting...... Anyway....... as much as I enjoy reading the blogs, I don't enjoy seeing the same post over and over and over again......
Just my opinion (or rant)


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I have noticed the duplicate posts but never noticed the ads - I have some sort of ad-blocker software on my laptop - at least I THOUGHT I did! But I just popped over for a second and that ad DROVE ME NUTS in about two seconds flat!! I think I'll just stop visiting that blog - and say good-bye to the gadget on my sidebar - it's a shame too - used to be kinda neat - but I just don't need any more headaches - thankyouverymuch - ;))

imquilternity said...

I know what you're saying. I subscribe through google reader and there are many blog posts that never make it into the google reader site, but yet are on the blog. Why is that? I wrote an email inquiring and never even received a response. Very frustrating. So, some are being duplicated and some are being ignored. What's up with that?

Pirate said...

Hiya, Katie.

I also read blogs (I call it a quilters' Blog of Blogs :-) ) but, I read it through Google Reader (a blog aggregator). I never see ads in Google Reader.

I use Firefox as my browser and I have an add-on called Ad-Block, which somehow magically eliminates ads from showing up on my browser .. which includes when I look at *directly*. I just don't see the ads you are describing!

As for duplication of blogs, I haven't seen that (yet), so I can't offer an opinion on how to solve that problem.

Then, one last thing, as far as making a blog entry or not, I subscribe to the "Blogging Without Obligation" philosophy! That means, I will blog when I want to and about what I want without any apology, explanation or excuse. Sometimes I will go weeks without an entry; sometimes an entry a day for a couple of days. It depends on if I have something I'd like to share ... and if I want to spend any time on included photos! And I do it when I feel like it.... or when I have time. :-)

Sewing Junkie said...

Katie, I wrote an email to them about it and they did nothing. I just got off all the group blogs and have my blog independent. I enjoy reading blogs alsobut basically follow a few and read them in Google Reader. Chris

Barbara said...

Also the RSS feed that I get through Google reader had very few posts after the change. I tried to read it at the web site but couldn't stand the bouncing ad. I did figure out that I could scoot that part of the page off the screen but then, as you said, you get all the repeating posts.

The RSS feed has improved but I have no way of knowing whether it's working properly or not. I did send them an email and never got a response.

The old web site had a list of all the blogs but I couldn't find one on the new site.