Tuesday, June 26, 2012

well… actually….

I don’t have pictures, yet, but I have actually worked on a few things.  Guess I wasn’t in a slump – just needed to acquire some energy……  I quilted the quilt I had on the frame.  I want to get better at making feathers, so that’s what I practiced on that quilt (pictures will come later, I want to bind it first).  My friend came and got her quilt quilted.  The TL wasn’t playing nice with her (might have been user error…..) I walked into the room and didn’t like what I heard, so I asked her to stop the machine.  BIG loopies on the back.  Took about 40 minutes to pick that all out.  But it all worked out and she was happy.  I started sewing up hubby’s shirt.  I’m using a new pattern, marked all the dots and ended up having to tear out both pockets as the western yoke didn’t match up.  The points of the front yoke are the ‘flaps’ over the pockets…. I will have to make up my own yoke pattern and throw those pattern pieces away!  While I was working on that, I was embroidering a set of designs, Sea Birds from Ace Points.  I have some pillow panels that have ‘sea birds’ on them that are close to these designs and I will put it all together in a quilt.  Thinking I need to make up some flying geese units for this quilt – no real plans as yet, but it will come together when I get to that point Winking smile  I really enjoy working with curves – am I nuts?  - maybe…….. I pulled out one of my curved rulers and played.  I have an idea in mind and it might work, not sure yet but when I get it figured out, I’ll let you know.

I will have Kari today.  She needs to practice her parallel parking so she can get her driver’s license and grandma has a small car (her dad has a pick up).  Not sure what else we’ll do.  Maybe today would be a good time to have her help me incorporate the fabric I bought at the estate sale into my stash, which will mean clearing off the shelf and ‘restocking’…

Pictures next time – I promise Smile


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