Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update on fabric find…..

What fun – I wish you could have all been there – well, except that would have been less for me, so…

IMG_1505So here is the neat version.  Fabric all nicely folded (most of it is yardage), some patterns (all vintage), batting, a couple “gifts in a jar” books that I plan on giving to my DIL as she does a lot of small gifting to teachers and the like, and a new pair of sandals for Kari (my granddaughter) who wears a size 10.  I have to say here the lady who owned all this had really good taste.  I think she was quite a classy lady.  I wish I was a few sizes smaller, I would have come home with not only fabric, but a ton of clothes and shoes (I only wear a 7.5) as well!   Anyway……

IMG_1506Here’s the fabric a bit more pulled out.  There actually was more clothing than fabric and a lot of the fabric was for garment sewing.  There was some super cute printed corduroy but not much call for that in Arizona…. and wool… again not something that is needed in AZ and I don’t work with wool because I’m allergic…Yes, I did think of those penny rugs that was popular a while back…

IMG_1507I’ll show you some of the fabrics a little closer now.  The fabric on the left is ‘seed packets’.  Not sure what I’ll do with that, but I really liked the colors and all.  The fabric on the left is tea pots and flowers – another “I don’t know” but I liked it.

IMG_1508I liked the tea cups and saucers.  I may be looking at my embroidery designs for some tea pots and do some combining of the two fabrics…

IMG_1509Strawberries!  This lady must have had a real love of strawberries as there was A LOT of strawberry fabric.  Guess who will be making a strawberry quilt ?!

IMG_1510It doesn’t show up real well in this photo, but there is quite a bit of gold outlining on the print.  I really like the black background of this fabric and there’s about 3 yards of it.

IMG_1512This fabric was all rolled together, so I’m assuming the lady had a plan for these.  They are all quarter yard cuts.

IMG_1513Sunflowers must have been another one of her loves.  I also liked the squared daisy fabric and the yellow gingham print would work well with all this fabric.

IMG_1514Birdhouses…. Now that’s a love of mine!  I really liked that the print of these fabrics was of a more neutral nature.  Most of what you find in birdhouses is on pale blue or white backgrounds. 

IMG_1516These were all rolled together, too.  I think these are all from the same ‘design set’ and are all 1/8th yard cuts.

IMG_1518Apples!  Sort of unusual colors but I liked them.

IMG_1519Here they are again in greenish but there was only the border print with this one – I’m actually thinking this fabric would make up into cute placemats….

IMG_1520And just some miscellaneous…..

I started washing fabric after I got it home.  It looked really clean, was nicely folded and in totes, but I was not sure where it had been stored. SO 5 loads later and one more to go….

I was reminded that they will still be getting another truckload next week and would be ready for sale by Wed…. Now I have to decide if I really need to add more to my stash….

Hope you enjoyed my adventure with me, 

Til next time



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Great stuff! That last photo - bottom left corner - I think that I might have some of that fabric! Can't wait to see what you make with it all. Oh - and can I have dibs on your scraps? - ;))

Sally said...

OOOHHHHH I LOVE the teapots, can't wait to see what you do with them....yeah yeah, OTHER than park them in your stash LOL. I'm BACK btw lol! Missed you!