Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Started with a picture from my archives because I've simply been a slacker!  Ever have days like that?  Mine seem to be more like weeks than days.  Whenever that happens, I know it's time to do something different, but right now, I simply don't know what that 'something different' is .  I thought about pulling out my knitting - but because of the carpal tunnel, it's not something I can do very long.  I've recently won a couple books from some give-aways and they're really nice (I should show pictures, huh?!) and they both have some really cute projects in them that have caught my eye.  Then I decided I really liked the Farmer's Wives blocks that I've seen out there in blogland and bought the book.  I don't care for templates, so now I've bought the CD that is in conjunction with EQ so I can print out for paper piecing and I do really enjoy paper piecing!  ummm maybe I'll work on that!  I also have a handbag cut out that I want to get sewn up for a dear friend - she's been asking for one for awhile now.  I've got this incredible urge to reupholster something (I know, I must be nuts!)  Maybe I should go hit some second hand / thrift shops and see what I can find.......
Okay, guess you don't really want to read about all my indecisions.  Maybe I'll have a picture or two available in a few days - if not,   not to worry...... I'll be back before you know it :-)  and boring you to more tears!


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

You slacker you! Just kidding! I have days/weeks/months like that. I can't decide what to do - so I start a bunch of different projects - then nothing really "sticks" and I wind up with another bunch of UFOs. Oh, well! Maybe it's time to go shopping - or look through your books for a cool pattern - or make some of those mini-boards for your Farmer's Wives blocks - or play with your stash - or just take a nap - and worry about it later... ;))