Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And sew what?!

And that's the way I've felt lately - sew what?  I go into the sewing room.  I look at my fabric.  I pull out different project patterns and think "what should I sew?" and invariably, I will leave without sewing.  I finally figured out how to print out the Farmer's Wife templates, etc.. from EQ - It's not the right way but for some reason it's not working with EQ the way it should, so I do it 'my' way.  Oh, sorry, got sidetracked..... Worked on a couple of those blocks.  I'd thought I'd do those little blocks in coordinating fabrics but I'm thinking the pieces are small enough to use up some of my scraps.  And.... because I started thinking, the whole thing got put in a baggie and put away so I could think about it a little more :-)  Then I pulled out some paper piecing to work on:

These are 6" blocks and go together quickly but after I completed 3 more, I just didn't feel like sewing anymore.
So, I'm thinking it's the room (I know, there I go thinking again!)  Time to change it up a bit.  I'm trying to figure out a way to spruce it up without any major expense.  Because it's also my office area in there, I have to work around that.  Also, my corner desk:

Is very permanent.   It's braces are attached to the block wall with anchor bolts.  (this is an older picture - that right corner of the room has changed and my skirted cutting table is now in the corner with the file cabinet having been moved to the quilting room)  Maybe I have a picture...

My DH made me that ruler rack and I did a post awhile back about that.  Anyway, that corner isn't quite as cluttered now.  But... with the table in the corner, and because as you can see, I tend to pile stuff on it, I think I'd be better off with an enclosed cabinet/ cupboard that has shelving and doors underneath.   Also, I'm wanting to clear the space where the plastic bins are.  Next to them is the bookcase where I 'house' my larger fabric pieces and that will also
 have to stay in the room.  I think it's time for me to visit the thrift store and take a look around to see what I can reinvent!   I did cut my table skirt this week also - cutting strips and didn't realize I was off the mat - now if I keep this table (and probably will) I need to make a new skirt, but I think instead of making it to go 'over' the table, I'll use sticky velcro and just attach it around the edge of the table.  Yes, there is storage under that table but because of the fold out legs, not alot of space.
So, I guess I need to be asking for some inspiration to come my way and see if I can get my mojo back! 
The rest of this week is a busy one for me.  DH has doctor appointments both today and tomorrow to have some laser procedures done for his glaucoma - so 2 days in a row in Tucson (50 miles from here!)  Then I have a potluck dinner to go to Thurs. evening that I had originally thought I'd have at my house - thank goodness someone else took it at theirs.  Then Saturday is a tenative sew day with a friend.  That will be great if that works out!
So, if I'm MIA for awhile - not to worry, I'm just out looking for my lost ambition.


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I love the "SEW WHAT?!" It must be the weather or something - I thought it was just me! And your mojo is probably out playing with my mojo (and my 1/4" seam allowance). If you find yours - would you send mine home - it's time for dinner. ;)) I'll do the same. In the meantime - playing in our room with our "stuff" might do the trick. I'm going to try that. ;))