Friday, August 5, 2011

Can we add some time to the clock?

Seriously.....  Maybe if the clock had more time, I'd get more done.  Well, maybe.  Home from SewFest and I was renewed and ready to rock.  Got a quilt on the frame, then looked at it and wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it.  I did get it started, but with time with family, it ended up taking me 3 days to quilt it - and it wasn't that big!  But love my time with my G-kids and wouldn't trade it for anything.  I can post here that I have special project - a veteran quilt for my hubby.  I've been going to SewFest for 4 years (that's all of them :-)  )  , making quilts for veterans and active duty service men and women, and my Vietnam veteran still doesn't have a patriotic themed quilt.  His B-day is Tues and I went to SewFest on a mission - to make him his quilt.  I did manage to get the bulk of it assembled - I'd already had the blocks done.  I didn't have the fabric I wanted for borders.  I have put the first border on it (a solid gold) and I wanted a red for the outer border.  Did I have that red?  Of course not.  I went into Hancocks and couldn't find a red to go with, either.   I shipped some fabric home from SewFest and thankfully, there's a fabric in there I can use.  Now to get it done!  He knows I brought quilts home to quilt, so I'm really hoping that he won't pay any attention to what I'm doing.    I'll post pictures when I get it completed!  Guess,  I'd better get at it - but he's still snoring.......


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Good luck on the quilt for your husband - you are so lucky he doesn't read your blog! I'm making one for my husband, too - but he reads my blog - so I can't post pictures or progress or anything! And I can only work on it when he's out of the house on errands or something. Sure wish he had been chosen for jury duty last month - it would probably be done by now!