Sunday, August 7, 2011


I don't believe I've taken the time recently to thank all my followers for being here.  I don't know what I've written or shown that drew you but if you'd leave a comment to let me know, I'd appreciate it.  I try not to write too many personal things as far as my family is concerned as I believe this is more about my creative processes (when they're working!)  I don't post tons of pictures, but if you'd like to see more, let me know - I'm sure I could come up with something :-)  But, for now, it's a beautiful Sunday morning here in SE Arizona, the birds are chirping, DH is snoring and I'm antsy to get to work on DH's quilt but have some ripping of stitches to do first - so guess I could be doing that while he still sleeps :-)
Again, a big THANK YOU to my followers,


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Linda said...

I am happy to follow you! I try to follow anyone who follows me. I have grown enough that it is very difficult to tell who my new followers are, but if you comment and/or I find out you are following me, I follow you. That is how I found you! I'm so glad I did! We're out here to encourage each other and it is so encouraging to see how you've blessed your family through your quilting.