Sunday, May 22, 2011

Row Quilt

This is a Row Quilt from several years ago that I joined on the quilting forum.  There were 6 participants.  Each person started their own row and it was then sent on to the next person on the list with the original row, the theme for the quilt and some fabrics to be used in each row by all participants to tie the row together upon completion.  Each person had (I believe) one month to complete their row and send everything on to the next person.  My theme was friendship and color and the first row was my original row.  There is printing over the 'hill' that says "the road to a friend's house is never long".  I really enjoyed creating rows for others related to their themes. 

some close ups of the top and bottom of the quilt
Sorry for the quality of the pictures.

A sampling of some other rows I've done to be included in row quilts.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I've spent time in the sewing room but not on quilting stuff.  I've been mostly just playing around with different things - Sometimes you just gotta play!


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