Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Routine? or Not?

I'm curious here - Do you have a basic routine that you follow daily/weekly/monthly or do you 'fly by the seat of your pants'?  When my kids were younger, I definitely had a set routine.  The get up, get DH off to work, get kids off to school, same order of house work done every day, kids home, DH home, dinner done - well you get the idea..... Then I became employed out of the home (being a stay at home mom is a JOB)  and still I tried to stay to a routine, which I was fairly successful at.  Fast forward 25 years, the kids (thankfully) are on their own, living their own lives.  DH is retired and I'm unemployed/retired.  Ah.... the good years - well sort of.  The more time I have the more time I waste - sort of the 'more money you have the more you spend!'.  I'm an early person.  I think when I was younger the reason I was successful at my routine was because I got up early and did what needed to be done early.  Now I get up early (5:30am), make coffee, read email, read the blogs I follow, and wait for DH to get up.  Then he want's to watch the Today show, talk a bit and maybe by 9am things get moving.  Okay, so to me 9am is half my day gone and I feel like I'm dragging - can't get up steam to get done what I'd like to in a day.  So thinking I need to figure a new routine... I've never - ever- been a list maker.  Maybe it's time to plan my week on Monday and assign different household chores to certain days.  Today, after I have a bit of breakfast and get the kitchen cleaned up, it'll be into the sewing room and get it straightened up as I pick up my granddaughter from school at noon and she wants to work on making a T-shirt.  Guess I'd better get at it - it's 7am and DH is still snoring - maybe he needs a new routine :-)


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oh, yeah - I have a routine. But I'm a night owl - so I don't get up early at all! (BOB doesn't DO 6:00AM. ;) - I need to do a post on that, huh?) So - by the time I get up - make coffee - catch up on the blogs - sew a little - it's time for my nap. After my nap - the day seems to have been frittered away. And then before I know it - it's Thursday or Friday and the week is GONE! But I am such a creature of habit - changing my routine will probably never happen. Besides - frittering is what I imagined retirement to be! And I like to fritter.