Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blogger is in need of repair!

I've been reading about people having trouble with not being able to post comments or pictures on Blogger - guess it's my turn today!  I'm going to try and post a picture - let's see what happens there!

Well, guess I'm able to upload pictures :-)  I just can't make comments - bummer!  I might actually have something to say.
The above picture is my testing the Lil Twister pattern without having to actually buy a special ruler.  I simply taped my 6" square ruler and went from there:

This pattern is really quick and easy.  I even had my DH take some scrap clear plexiglass that he had and make me a 4½", 5½' and a 6½" square.  I can use these for square up or draw the lines on them that I need for different purposes, but I was thinking of the Lil Twister when I had him cut me the squares ;-)
I have managed to get a few more quilts to the finished stage.  I had 2 quilts that just needed their labels and binding - done!  I had a couple quilts needing quilting and finishing - done!  I still have 3 quilt tops needing quilting and I have 2 more tops enroute to me!  Then I signed up for a couple swaps.  One is a Fabric postcard swap and another is a miniture quilt swap.  I've never made a miniture quilt so I'm thinking this will be fun.  I want to actually do a quilt in miniture.  Instead of the 12" quilt squares - I'm thinking 6" quilt squares.  I've also considered doing 4" - but we'll see how that goes!  I have quite a few of the triangle pieces that I've cut from Snowball blocks or Flying Geese blocks that I will play with and see what I come up with!
Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend.  Please take time to remember those who gave so much to insure our freedoms.



free indeed said...

I have been thinking about doing that as well for the twister quilt. I don't see the need to buy the ruler either....what size squares did you start with? 10"? I do love the way that quilt looks and is esp nice with just the right fabrics to show each other off.

corina said...

so why didn't I think of that! I was actually considering buying one of those rulers, but didn't like the cost. Glad I came across your blog!