Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little bit done

I was sent this quilt top without the two side borders.  It was very narrow yet very long - so I added the burgandy borders to give it some width a bit more consistent with it's length.  I practiced doing spineless feather quilting and continuous curved quilting on this one.  Turned out okay - I think I'm improving :-)

This was another quilt that was sent to me.  It was symetrical but needed to be a bit larger for the May/June cause for QFC, so again I added the outside border and quilted it.

I needed to come up with a star block in patriotic colors and decided to use some of what I had on hand.  The little 4 patch block in the center was only 3½" so I added a white frame to it.  And because I like flying geese units and I had some short cuts of 2½" strips, I made those into flying geese and went from there.  I wish the red half with the flying geese matched the red of the center square - but such is life!

I came across these designs at Kreations by Kara and thought they would look great in a Patriotic quilt.  There are 18 designs in the set - so have a few more to go!  but I do like them - sort of abstract.  The one on the top right took me a bit of looking to actually see the eagle - I was looking at it horizontal instead of vertical :-)
An update on my friend:  Her surgery to remove the cancer from her colon went well and the preliminary results are looking good.  Thank You, God. 
Have some sewing to get done - guess I'd better get to it.  I hate wind and we're having quite a bit of it.  It rained for about 2 minutes while we had full sun - gotta love AZ!  but the wind seems to blow my energy away with it, so think I'll go push myself to get something done!


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