Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Saturday

Some of my fabric postcards.  I have a 'few'....  These are some of the ones I've received.  My 16 yr old GD, Kari (the one who spends at least one day week with me learning to sew!), saw one that I hadn't put away and she fell in love with them.  So, next on our agenda of things to learn to make is a fabric postcard.  If you've read any of my previous posts, you know about the Viking machine I bought at the thrift store.  For those who don't know just real quick - it didn't work as I'd hoped, but did work.  Okay......well, I showed the machine to Kari and told her about all it's quirks, what worked, what didn't, and then proceeded to tell her that it was hers if she wanted it, but not to feel as though she had to take it.  I told her she could consider it a 'play' machine and then if she really decided that she really likes sewing, whether it be quilting, garment or artsy type, then maybe she'd have a better idea of what she'd really like to have in a machine and we'd go buy her what she wanted (within reason!).  She was thrilled.  Put together a sewing kit for her including rotary cutter and mat (along with a klutz glove!).  She pulled some FQ's out of my stash and some just plain muslin to 'play with'. When we got her home and had her dad help us cart all this stuff in, he said, "I guess I'm not going to get my train room - looks like I'll be making a sewing room" - He's a great dad and he has done a wonderful job with Kari.  Note here:  My daughter is Kari's mother but unfortunately has substance abuse issues and Kari has been raised by her dad.  Enough said on that front.
I am so enjoying the time with my granddaughter and she seems so eager to learn at every level that we sometimes are getting disjointed, but in a way, I think it's keeping her interested.  By not focusing on just one aspect of sewing/quilting and showing her different things that involve sewing - I think she's not getting bored with it.  So anyway, This is a good time being spent with a lovely young lady.
On a more serious note - found out yesterday that a very dear friend will be having surgery on Monday for colon cancer.  I haven't talked to her yet - her husband told me - but we'll be spending time together today.  I'm not sure what she'll need from me so I'll have to let her know right up front that she'll have to be bluntly honest and just tell me.  I'll be there for her for whatever - moral support of course, but if she needs to rant and rave, cry, laugh - or just sit with someone and be quiet.    But today we will be out in the AZ sunshine, riding our ATV's and enjoying what God gave us and while I'm out there, I'll be asking God to please watch over my friend and give her strength.


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