Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Question about surprises.

Kitty at  http://alefthandedquilter.blogspot.com/  asked a series of questions (4)   One of those questions was "do you like surprises?"  I answered "they make me cry"  and because I did not want to hog someone elses blog space, I decided to tell my last 'surprise' story here on my own blog!
A few years ago we started Christmas day with a nice breakfast.  When my son came in he was carrying a package of pork chops and he asked me to cook them up for him.  His wife was appalled because I'd already had a nice big breakfast going.  I told him of course I would because after all he is the baby and he has always been spoiled - why stop now?!  Okay, so it's been a sort of joke every since - David brings his own food so he can have what he wants - sort of thing.
This Christmas my son pulls up out back - not unusual - he often has things he puts in the shop.  But everyone was getting settled in the living room and we were still waiting on my son and husband.  Finally, they get in and the kids are anxious to get at their gifts.  After a couple of gifts had been passed, my son hands me a gift bag and it's a baby shower bag.  Now mind you the last baby was a surprise and son has since had a vasectomy, so I looked at the bag and told him "you better not be trying to tell me something" and he just laughed.  So I pulled the tissue paper out of the bag and there in the bag was a brisket.  So I looked at him and said, "so are you trying to tell me what you want for Christmas dinner?" and he said "maybe" and all of a sudden it hit and I jumped up and said "you bought me a smoker!" and when he smiled, I knew what had kept him outside so long - I ran out and sure enough there on my back porch was a nice propane smoker and I started to cry.  I smacked him and said, "you made me cry on Christmas".  It was a bit later that I learned my 7 yr old grandson (his son) had come in and told his mom, "he made my grandma cry!  If he does it again, I'm going to turn his world upside down"  Hearing that almost made me cry again.  It's a wonderful feeling to know how loved I am - God has blessed me so much and I'm so very grateful!  OH, and how did I know it was a smoker?  Well, my son and I tend to think alike and a couple weeks before Christmas he'd called me and asked me my opinion on smokers and we discussed what I felt would be better for him and the pros and cons of the different type - little did I know at the time he'd called to pick my brain about what I'd actually like!
So how about you?  Do you have a story to share about favorite surprises??

Katie who really does love the thought that goes into surprises!

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