Wednesday, February 2, 2011

more quilting

I did get the second raffle quilt quilted today.  I was going to try feathers in the individual blocks but did not want to do wreaths. Did one block in a random curve with the feathers - didn't like it and picked it all out.  I did do a 'sort of' feather border and just free motion meandered the 'body' of the quilt. I was using a thread that really blended in with the fabric and was thinking I'd be disappointed in my quilting, but when I removed the quilt from the frame and checked out the back , I was a bit impressed with myself.  Maybe I'm getting this stuff figured out..... Now I will do the stitch in the ditch around the first border.  Have to go into Tucson (about 50 miles) tomorrow, so don't know when I'll get pictures posted.  Once this one is done, I'm thinking I'll take some time to play before working on the 7 comfort quilts I have waiting.  I love machine quilting and really need to spend more time just practicing, but every once in awhile, I just want to put all on hold and just play in my fabrics.  So, look for pictures in my next post (I hope)



Sally said...


are you NUTS?

I read that and actually shuddered at the thought.

I don't think I've ever been that unhappy with anything I quilted. Heck, I so seldom frog stitched that when I did, it had to be something pretty outstanding to get me to do it, and never has it been quilted that I can remember. The few times there was something needing ripped, I just handed it to Robin, I'd of thrown it in the trash and started over if it was left to me. felt if she wanted to save it, she could rip it lol.

Of course, there is always that nagging thought that has me wondering...if I did rip something, would I even remember? Bad memories tend to get buried you know.

:D I did get your email just have not responded to it yet lol. I need to do that!

Katie M. said...

If it had been on a charity quilt or one for myself, I'd have worked around what I didn't like. But this quilt is going to be put 'on display' for a raffle, so just couldn't do it! I hate frog stitching, but lately I've been buying cotton shirts at the thrift store and ripping out those seams for the fabric - sometimes I do pull out the scissors and just cut the seams :-) Maybe I'll start doing more of that!