Saturday, February 5, 2011

now to play

Raffle quilts done and delivered!
Because I showed the quilt tops, here's just a close up.  The one above is after it was washed so it's taken on it's wrinkly personality already!  I love the little birds embroidery - wished they showed up better.

Just a sampling of some of the postcards I've received from various swaps over the years.  I really do love these little works of art.

A few more - I've never counted how many I have, but each one is very unique and special in it's own right.
So it's SuperBowl weekend - and yes I will watch.  I know several sites are having 'sew-ins' and from what I've read of them, they sound like fun.  But I truly enjoy watching football.  But for today, I will sew and do a little baking.  Don't know if my son and family will come here to watch the game or if he's wanting DH & I to go there, but I'm thinking I just prefer to stay home this year.  I'll be putting some hot wings in the smoker, making up some potato salad and who knows what else. 
Anyway.....hope everyone has a great weekend.


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