Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yes, today has been a Blah day.  Started out with laundry, then grooming my fur baby (Schnauzer), then went down hill from there!  I pressed a quilt top and backing, laid it over the frame - but just didn't feel like   working on it.  Walked into the sewing room - nope nothing interested me there either.  So what have I done for the afternoon???  I watched knitting videos.   Yes, I'm a knitter, too.  I wouldn't say I'm a good knitter, but I'm a bit more than a beginner.  I really want to master socks.  I have completed two pair on the circular needles and have learned something new each time I've knitted a pair - the main thing I've learned?? I have more to learn ;-)  I've started a third pair using some really nice sock yarn.  It's soooo soft!  but somehow, I've managed to be working on the back needle instead of the front???  I'm thinking I'll be pulling this out and starting over.  But.... I have directions to do toe up socks and couldn't figure out the "Figure 8" cast on.  Finally watched a few videos over on You Tube and think I may be able to figure this out!  And the Judy Becker Magic Cast on....... yep, I should be able to do that.  I'm thinking I'll be using larger needles and some worsted weight yarn to work the first pair - hey, I like slipper socks!  So wish me luck on my new endeavor.  Also I've been looking at the wooden needles over on the Knit Pick website - thinking I'd like to have some of those to try.  The idea of warm wood over cold nickle just appeals to me as my hands seem to be cold all the time.  And..... (I know, is she done yet?!) I do have carpal tunnel and my hands go numb alot.... I mean really, two rounds of knitting and no feeling in my fingers...  I did watch some videos on the 'continental' style of knitting - think I'll give that a try too.  I guess it's sort of like quilting - different techniques to achieve the same thing - I might as well give those new (to me) techniques a try and see what happens. 
Okay, off to pull out my larger circular needles and a skein of yarn and see what kind of mess I can make!


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