Friday, September 21, 2012

Best Laid Plans……..

Oh yes, all those plans.  I have discovered in my life that the more I plan, the more I set myself up for failure.  Truly, it seemed even when I was employed, that if I did some serious planning, things would come up.  I remember one time having plans to make some ‘home improvements’ while I was on vacation and ended up working most of the week at my place of employment.  It got to the point that if I wanted to really have time away from work, I had to leave town to get it….  So what does that have to do with anything??? I planned this week and guess what? I didn’t get even half of what I wanted to get done – done.  Five quilts to quilt – simple quilting, nothing fancy… these are the quilts for the boys home and we all know boys don’t want fancy…… What did I manage to get quilted?  One!  and one on the frame…..   So upon evaluation, what happened????  Monday morning hubby comes home from an antelope hunt with son.  Son tells dad, “well, you’ll be going elk hunting in another month so take this (antelope) to mom and tell her she needs practice”  What!!!????? Then hubby is smart enough to say, “he was kidding, he’ll be up this afternoon to take care of the meat.”  But son knows mom too well.  Mom bones out the antelope and cuts it into pieces and cleans it well.  Son shows up later in afternoon with family – the final processing turns into a family affair.  So that takes care of that……

Tues. I manage to get a quilt on the frame and actually get it quilted.  Puttered a little bit in the sewing room.

Wed. – morning swimming.  Quilt put on the frame.  Get one pass done, change thread.  Skipped stitches.  Tear out stitching – done….. Lethargic the rest of the afternoon.

Thurs – Just not a good day.  Managed to get most of the laundry done.  Finished 4 little NICU blankets and made up a couple blocks for the QFC swap


The pattern is “Hayes Corner” and is also from Quilter’s Cache.

Today is a doctor’s appointment where he’ll probably tell me my cholesterol levels aren’t where he wants them and my blood pressure is too high (it’s only high when I go in to see him – go figure)  Then he’ll tell me to exercise more and as always – lose a few pounds……  Ah, well, guess he’s just doing his job.

Then this afternoon, I will have my very active grandchildren for an over nighter and spending the day with me Sat.  I love every minute of that but I know I will be wore out come Sat evening, but it will be such a nice exhaustion Smile

And why haven’t I got things done…. vertigo!!!  Fortunately it’s not bad enough to need medication for and I only get it when I have some head congestion which I happen to have due to allergies.  The vertigo is caused from my having Menier’s Disease.  And my ENT doctor tells me how lucky I am to have it in both ears as it ‘balances’ me and is what prevents me from having severe vertigo which many patients with Menier’s Disease suffer from – I do count my blessings……

So on to a busy weekend and no planning for next week – what will be, will be!



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Katie, my friend - you need a week of Tuesdaya - ;))

StripperDeb said...

Poor Ms. Katie!
But it looks to me like you got quite a bit done and you know I LOVE those quilts blocks - sooo pretty! My hubs has vertigo from time to time and he puts ear drops in for 'swimmer's ear' and says it helps...don't know where he got the idea, just sayin';-)

Don't stress too much (it's not good for your blood pressure) and enjoy those grandbabies!

Have a terrific weekend,