Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Now to Quilt it

The Kaleidescope quilt top is finished:


I managed to get it completed before the hubby and I headed out Thurs. morning.  I really like the triple color border.  The most I’ve ever mitered before was 2 colors and those were each done individually.  I sewed the three stripes first then attached them together.  I like the miters and it’s easier than doing each border separate!

Sister-in-law wasn’t kidding about a mess in the house she purchased.  I’m not a neat freak, but I keep a relatively respectable house…. and how a person chooses to live is their business…. but I have never seen so much dirt and pet hair all in one place –ever!  The pet hair was so embedded in the carpet, I couldn’t get it to vacume out.  I shampooed the carpet and I truly got over a 3 gallon bucket full of pet hair that I had to pull off the brushes of the shampooer….. Anyway>>>>> 4 days of 10-12 hour days cleaning, scrubbing etc…. I’m tired and sore and sure could use a manicure….  Home for a couple weeks, then we go back to paint, lay tile, wash light fixtures and windows and who knows what else.  DH spent the 4 days working cleaning animal poop and weeds out of the yard and doing home exterior repair.  We’re both glad, though, that we’re able to help his sister. 

Katie who hopes I haven’t offended anyone with my critical assessment of someone else’s house keeping.


Sue said...

It is your blog, therefore you can say whatever you like! Your flimsy is really lovely. It has the wow factor. What you and your hubs are doing for your sil shows what a good heart you both have!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Like BOB is going to care if you offend someone - HA!! I like your flimsy too - great idea to combine the borders and miter them as one unit - I might try that if and when I ever miter a border - haha - ;))