Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Swap Blocks

IMG_1606These are blocks from several swaps from approximately 10 years ago.  I was just learning about color values, about the importance of a consistent seam allowance, the fact that not all rulers are created equal!  Most of the blocks in this quilt top are ones I received from fellow swappers, but there are also a few of my own.  I want this wider, not sure how I’m going to accomplish that, but I’m thinking of all those HST pieces I have from other quilts.  Maybe I can add a ‘sort of’ Sawtooth border on each side from those pieces and keep within the scrappy look.  I know I won’t add a consistent color border to this, I don’t think I want it ‘framed’….. but never know

IMG_1603And the strip quilt done in the Jelly Roll Race style is done and ready to send off to Michelle for donation to the fire victims of the Colorado wildfires.  I just did a sort of popcorn flower and ribbon meander on this - IMG_1604the prints are really too busy for much more elaborate quilting.

I did not attend Sew Fest this year, but I am still doing a little to feel like I am contributing.  I finished quilting one Patriotic quilt and have to get the backing pieced to get another on the frame.  I have four to quilt then I will bind them all once they’re quilted…. Guess I’d better get busy Smile



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I like your swap block quilt - A LOT!! I'm thinking that you could take your extra HST and make borders on one side - or two - or until you run out of HST. It's scrappy - it doesn't need borders on ALL sides - ;)) And your JRRQ - aren't they FUN? - I agree that they don't need elaborate quilting - the fabric does all of the work - ;))

Erin Barnes said...

The jelly roll race quilts are my new favorite baby quilt. So fast and cute to put together! Love yours.