Saturday, May 12, 2012

On being a Mom / Grandmom

My family has asked that I not post pictures of their children on my blog and I will respect their wishes – which really is good for you – I’m sure I could bore you to tears with my grandkids Smile 

On being a Mom……Well, I think most moms would agree that it’s the most challenging thing they’ve ever done.  Challenging in as, those kids did not come with instructions!  Challenging in as, “but mom I KNOW” – of course they do.  Kids get to an age where they KNOW everything (and then some).  Challenging in “am I doing this right?” (see it’s those no instructions again) and of course each child has their own personalities – what worked for one, you can bet isn’t going to work on another….. And then comes the biggest challenge of all – letting go.  Giving them their independence, letting them make their mistakes (like we did), letting them learn how to make the right decisions for themselves – oh come on, let’s be honest here – it’s really hard (sometimes) to watch our children make a decision that we just know is going to be the wrong decision – but alas, it might be wrong for us, but gee, it worked for them! And then comes their ultimate challenge – they become parents!  And all of a sudden, the don’t KNOW everything, the phone rings, the questions are asked and that’s when it hits – OMG, maybe I did know something after all…. they’re calling me, they’re asking me and then comes the defining moment that I think most parents have heard “gee Mom/ Dad, I sure wish I’d listened to you.”  Oh how I’ve wanted to say “I told you so” but instead I smile and say, “oh yeah?”

So.. On being a Grandma…. I loved my kids to distraction.  I loved playing games, watching TV, being the ‘soccer’ mom, drilling their teachers… I even loved when they challenged me… but when the grandkids came along.  I loved my kids even more (if that’s possible) – what amazing adults they turned out to be.  And I enjoy my grandkids so very much.  I asked myself once, “do I love my grandkids more than I loved my kids?”, and it dawned on me that no, I didn’t.  A grandparents love is such a different kind of love.  We have the responsibility of setting good examples, but deep down….. it is now our kids who have to deal with the day to day challenges of raising their kids.  So as a grandparent, I get to spend the time, the joy, the highlights, even the lowlights of my grandchildren, but when the day is done, I turn the challenge over to their parents and I thank God that He gave me direction to raise mine as they are raising theirs.

Happy Mother’s Day



Sewing Junkie said...

Katie, My theory is that we are better Grandparents than parents some times. We have the time to spend and not have to do the dishes or budget the months worth of bills.Grandparenting is a different part of our mature life. We are wiser and more tempered to deal with scrapes and hurt feelings than we were as parents. Both are part of the maturing process for both us and our Children. Happy Mother's Day

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Very well said! ;))