Saturday, April 28, 2012


I did get something done... another row for the Lotto over on QFC
  Here's a little close up:
I don't know what it is about the Attic Window setting, but I enjoy doing that block.
I really haven't done any sewing this week - simply been too busy.  Had a job interview on Monday.  Thought it went well, they seemed enthusiastic that I had all the qualifications, sent me for the drug screen.... alas, I haven't heard anything...... It was a job doing what I really loved when I used to work full time and this would be part time, so I guess I can still hope for the best....  Anyway, Monday morning my son came up to work on his boat trailer with his dad and brought my youngest granddaughter with him - so she and I spend some nice quality time. Mon. afternoon was my 16 yr old granddaughter  and she worked on her dad's quilt for a bit.  Tues. was cooking and getting ready for a dinner meeting at my house for the Invitational Track Meet.  Wed was our regular Rotary meeting and getting some salmon in the smoker (my son prefers smoked salmon and his wife sent it up my way)  Thurs was printing menus and price list for the concession stand at the track meet, cooking up 15 lbs of pinto beans for the concession stand, and then an evening meeting to get the programs put together - that didn't go well - couldn't get the spiral binder thing to work - ended up putting all those spirals on by hand after hole punching (can you say sore fingers?)  What we thought would be a couple hours took almost 5 hours.... Home by 11pm, asleep by midnight, up by 5:30am - make a cinnamon roll cake, get things together, get down to the track and set up the concession stand by 8am... At the field until 6pm... Sore legs, back, Please just let me find a hot tub of water.....
In bed by 9pm, up at 5:30 (again) to be in Tucson for the grandson's football game by 9... Home, fall asleep on the sofa... no energy left.  A good night's sleep tonight and hopefully I'll be able to find some sort of normal next week......



Linda said...

Good luck on the job front! It sounds like they were VERY interested in you.
Is there a chance you had the spiral spines in backwards? I've used those machines a lot and it is so easy to set them down backwards, in which case they won't open. Just wondering?
At least its all behind you now!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Busy little bee!! How are you going to find time to work part-time when they hire you? ;))