Friday, April 6, 2012

Yesterday and today

The quilting room really needed a bit of a straightening up.  The ironing board is always set up - I use it every  day, several times a day.  I also keep a small pressing board and travel sized iron next to my sewing machine.
in the top picture, the rails are off the frame as hubby and I were servicing it and I was waiting on some tension springs... but put the rails back on until the springs get here. I don't use the 'batting' rail on my frame.  I have totes of fabric under it and I like that the 'curtain' helps hide the look of clutter.

This picture show a little shelf under my design board.  It holds mostly sheets that I use for backing...... I know, I know - they (whoever they are) say don't use sheets.  Well, I do.  I look for 100% cotton sheets as thrift stores and I use them.  I make so many 'comfort' quilts, that I could not afford to do that if I used fabric yardage all the time....  

After, all folded and sort of organized.  That's my big board for ironing those sheets and fabric yardage to the right of the design board.  Hubby made it to go over my ironing board and it's one of the best things he ever made for me - I truly would be lost without it.

And here is what's ON the design board.  These are for a row lotto over at Quilters for Comfort - we do a little more than just make 'comfort' quilts over there.  The top is embroidered doves in black.  The theme for that lotto was birds with Black, Red and White.  The second is Sunbonnets with pink and yellow.  

I love making rows for swapping or row robins or as in this case for a lotto.  I get to try something new.  I get to use up left over fabric that was a bit more than scraps,  and I feel like I've accomplished something without making an entire top....
SO yesterday was a clean up of the quilting and sewing rooms complete with washing the curtains and windows.  Today will be making a mess in there again :-)
Hope everyone has a joyful Easter weekend.


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Aw, man! Your room looks so neat and clean - you're making me feel guilty that mine is such a mess. I know that I really should neaten up my space - but it's so much more fun to make a mess and sew - ;))