Saturday, March 31, 2012

rotten night

I know a lot of people who are night owls - I'm not one of them.  Here it is 12 midnight, I wake up with a coughing fit and get out of bed to avoid disturbing my hubby's sleep.  This is going on day 4 without much sleep and quite frankly, I'm tired and cranky to boot!  So what to do??? Even had a really lousy sewing day.  Tried quilting a quilt - thread kept breaking.  No patience (remember no sleep).  Decided to embroider some designs for a Row Lotto and I went to iron the white fabric.  Darn iron had (I guess) starch build up and ended up with big brown streaks across my white fabric.  So that fabric is in the wash.  Clean iron pull different fabric, stitch out design which has like a french knot for the eye of the bird I'm stitching.  I turn over to clip threads and here's a big thread nest where the french knot is.  So I cut the knot, remove the thread and decide to just hand embroider the french knot.  Easy, well not today....I got to tug the thread and it pulls right through.  The machine embroidery left a tiny hole in the fabric.  I will have to reinforce that spot with some Fray Check and redo the eye.
Anyway, after the day I've had I'm not turning on a machine when I'm this tired and cranky and besides, I'm trying to not disturb Hubby's sleep.... AH, I have an idea.  I'll go read quilt blogs.  I go here because there are so many blogs to read and it has an ad that floats as you scroll down the page and guess who now has a roaring headache.  They have revamped their site and that floating ad is the most annoying thing I've experienced in quite awhile.  Don't get me wrong, I understand that these ads help pay to maintain these sites and I certainly do appreciate that, but does it have to move down the page as you scroll?   Okay, I know, I'm cranky so on that note, I'll say I hope everyone is sleeping better than I am these days.  I love spring - I hate the allergies that it brings.....



Anonymous said...

I agree! I thought it was just me.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Yeah - and Blogger is supposed to have a new look in April, too! BOB and I are just SO excited - NOT! ;))
Hope your headachy allergies go away and that you get to sleeping better real soon. ;))