Friday, July 8, 2011


I'm reaching into my archives again as I don't have a current project picture to show.  This is the quilt I did a year ago for my son's 30th B-day.  He loves eagles and wolves.  The eagle designs were smaller than the wolf designs so I made the squares smaller.  I wanted to put the eagle pillow panel in the middle and work out from the center.  But using the 2 different size blocks of the eagles and the wolves - it worked out pretty well.  I apologize for the poor quality of the photos - they were taken with the old camera :-(

another view to give you a better idea of the wolf designs and the block pattern used.

And for the 'weekend'....... My granddaughter will be here tomorrow to sew a book bag for her friend for her friend's B-day.  Not sure when the B-day is but Kari will be heading to Mexico for 10 days to visit with another friend and go to a wedding.  The same weekend she gets home, I head to KS for Sew Fest, so we're spending a little time before 'we' do our traveling :-)  Yesterday, Kari & I did some babysitting of the  two youngest g-kids.  Then back here to work on making a cover for her Ipod.  I'm working on a couple mug sewing organizers (pictures later) to give to my room mates at SewFest and because of that, I'm not sure what I'll have for Scrappy Saturday.  Well, maybe the organizers can be considered 'Scrappy' because they are made with small pieces....ummmm - we'll see....
Wishing everyone a happy weekend with much creativity!



Linda said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful quilt you made for you son! I know he must treasure it!!

Jeane said...

I love your eagle quilt. You son must be so very proud of it. What happy fun time sewing with your granddaughter. Have a great time on your travels.