Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scrappy Saturday

This is sort of scrappy…It’s made from smaller pieces, no yardage required Smile

As I have made (and use) one of the bottle cap rings, I thought why not a wrist cushion??? I have a nice little wrist cushion that someone made me and I really like the size and all, but the pins go right through it.  So, when I emptied the mayo jar, I kept the cap and here it is!


Oh, you can’t see the cap, well it’s here!



I added a bit of lace and rick rack around the edge to dress it up some.   And used a scrap of fabric to make the wrist band which is, of course, elastic covered with a tube of fabric.

And when I’m not using it on my wrist, it sits nicely on a little jar and can be used next to the machine!


Until next time……

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Karen said...

What a fantastic way to reuse - very cool! and cute too