Saturday, April 2, 2011

Naps and more

Do you nap?  Do you feel guilty when you nap?  Sometimes I just feel like I need to lay down and sleep!  And yes, sometimes I feel guilty about it.  I have a small bookcase type fabric storage unit in my quilting room.  I was sitting on the floor looking for a backing for a quilt and I really wanted to just lay down and sleep.  I stretched out on the floor and closed my eyes and no, I did not take a nap right there on the floor - but I could have!  What I did do was find the fabric I was looking for and proceeded to get the quilt on the frame and quilted :-)  I finished quilting 3 quilts, got the binding for 4 quilts pieced and ready to put on the quilts.  I have 6 quilts in 'almost done' stages!  My goal for next week is to get those 6 quilts DONE!
I also did up a tutorial for a very nice lady learning to quilt and I'm hoping it helps her.  I really enjoy sharing what knowledge I do possess and have done a few 'beginner' tutorials on how to make different simple quilt blocks.  I keep saying I'm going to make up an entire booklet of beginner tips and techniques - maybe someday :-)
Life is getting busy as it gets warm here in AZ.  My 7 year old grandson has his opening ceremonies for Little League today.  I am so looking forward to watching him play baseball.  I don't go to pro baseball games, I don't watch baseball on TV - but I love to watch the kids play.  When my son played in Little League, I was president of our local Little League and I loved every minute of it!  My son still plays ball and if it wasn't 50 miles from me, I'd probably still be attending his games!  So... attending games for next couple months will keep me on the go.  And I've started working on my small garden.  And...My 16 year old granddaughter is wanting to learn to quilt - Life is good!!
So keep me busy - might keep me out of trouble :-)
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.



Kitty said...

I like my naps, too - so don't apologize. As far as quilting is concerned - I've always said that it keeps me out of bars at night. (hehe) ^..^

liz said...

I like a 20 minute "power" nap. It sure makes me feel fresh. By the way, you left a message on my blog but it came as "no reply". Lucky you have your own blog so I could track you down.