Sunday, April 17, 2011

no borders

This was originally planned to be a 70 X 80" quilt.  Then I was told that the quilt sizes for May/June QFC quilts were to be 60 X 70.  Well, darn, I already had all the designs stitched out and the fabric for the quilt blocks cut - so I went ahead with it.  But.... If I don't add the borders it's much closer to the requested size - and I'm okay with no borders!
Here's a bit of a close up:
Now to come up with a quiting design - something other than my usual meander :-)

A friend sent me a nice yellow fabric and I decided on this quilt for it:

These are the blocks laid out and will get sewn tomorrow.  Not sure what I'll do for a border, but I'm leaning toward the yellow.  You can't really tell from the picture but the yellow has vases of daisies.  Once I get this put together, I'll give you a better close up :-)
I have 3 quilt tops draped over the frame, ready to be quilted - guess after I get this yellow and blue quilt assembled, I'll be spending some time at the quilter!  One of the quilts waiting to be quilted was sent to me for QFC, It's an odd color quilt and I needed to add two strips to the sides to make it wide enough for the Shelter that is the recipient for May/June - I will really need to be creative in my quilting to bring that quilt alive
It's going to be a busy week this next week.  Little League games, doctor's appointment, sewing with my granddaughter and of course Easter Sunday.  I look forward to spending time with my family on Sunday.  I've decided that instead of our traditional baked ham, I'm going easy and firing up the grill.  I'll throw some steaks, chicken, some shrimp and who-knows-what else on and call it good.  It will be a very casual day just taking it easy and Thanking God for my blessings.
Wish you a happy, productive week.



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Katie -
Four things -
(1) I really like that first quilt - no borders looks great! I'm going to try that!
(2) I like your yellow quilt, too - but two blocks in the left corner look like they are going the wrong way?? - Row 5/Block 1 & Row 6/Block 2
(3) How did you get the photo on your header that size - every time I try a photo on my header - it comes out HUGE!!
(4) Hope you guys all have a Happy Easter!!

Katie M. said...

Kitty, thanks for pointing out the errors on the Yellow quilt - glad I hadn't stitched it together yet! As for the photo on my header - I did do a resize in my photo editor, but truly not sure how it came to be that size?????