Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost gone!

I call this my "circle quilt" and it's from my archives :-)  I was actually playing with the block design and I have the fans stitched out and thought it worked together. 
Here's a close up of the block:

These 'cirlces' are made with a set of  rulers from Elisa's Back Porch that I borrowed from a friend.  I suppose any drunkard's path templates/rulers would work!
Can you believe that April is almost gone, done, over with?!  I look back at this month and wonder if I really got much accomplished, and the truth is, I really didn't.  I think I'm going to have to start making a list at the beginning of the month of the things I want to accomplish that month, then break it down by the week and then at the beginning of the week, by the day.  Would that work?  Well, not for me.  I'm not a list maker and simply not that organized.  Wish I was. At work (when I was working), things were organized and done in a timely manner.  But at home - I was organized confusion and still am (probably worst!)  Today is my "granddaughter day" so will have to straighten up the sewing room - won't be hard as I haven't been in it all week!  Early in the day, though, I have a friend bringing me a few pair of slacks that she needs some elastic put in - so will work on that before I go pick up my granddaughter from school.  Anyway..... why haven't I got anything done this week?  Monday was recovery and clean up from Easter as well as my grandson's ball game.  Tuesday was laundry, getting a quilt on the frame, an internet chat with QFC then another ball game.  Wed was spent in Tucson with DH while he had a test for his eye pressures that required 3 trips into the doctor 2 hours apart.  I'm really hoping that nothing gets planned for Friday - I really want to get some quilting done!  I have at least 7 quilts waiting to get quilted.  They are all QFC quilts and all due in July so no really big rush.  It's simply the fact that they are there and I want to get them done and then I know if something comes up I won't worry about it.  I do have niece who's baby is due July 9 and I want to get a quilt done for her by the middle of June (you never know when those babies are really going to make their entrance!)  Her nursery is Noah's Ark done in shades of blue and green.  Guess it'll be a fabric shopping trip soon.  I've been pretty good about only using what I have on hand - but I do want to put a Minky backing and a satin binding on this quilt - stuff I don't keep around.  Other than that, no new projects in the works. 


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