Thursday, April 14, 2011

just a post

This is my fur baby, Scruffy.  She is a silver Schnauzer and owns me completely!  She has a long history of being rescued.  I rescued her from the people who rescued her from a lady who had Alzheimer's and had over 25 dogs - only 5 that were able to be saved  (My baby being one of them) 
My friend was living in CO when she called and asked me if I wanted another Schnauzer (I'd lost my first one a few years before) I told her to wait while I asked my DH.  She heard him say "No way".  So I asked her where she wanted to meet (remember I'm in AZ!)  She says "I heard him say you couldn't get another dog"  I told her, "I said I'd ask him, I didn't say I'd listen."  Obviously I have the dog :-)  Now I have to tell you, when I first saw her I wanted to cry.  Her fur was matted, her eyes were dull and sad.  I took her into the bathroom of the hotel room, took out a pair of scissors and proceeded to try and see what was underneath.  It took me two weeks of patience to get her groomed and all the snarls and knots out of her fur.  It took a good 6 months for her to look what I would consider really healthy.  Now my friend told me that the people I got Scruffy from said that she was stupid and destructive....  She has never destroyed anything in my home and has been the most loving, tender pet ever.  About 2 years after she came to live with us, I took her to visit my friend in CO and she wanted to go show Scruffy off to the previous owners.  When we walked in, Scruffy backed up, crouched down and proceeded to growl - that told me more than any words ever could.  Scruffy is a real people dog.  She loves everyone but she would not go near her previous owner.
Okay, enough of my baby - I could go on and on about her almost as much as about my grandchildren.  Speaking of.... Spent the afternoon with my granddaughter as she worked a bit more on her quilt.  I showed her the Featherweight and she decided she wanted to sew with it today.  She liked sewing with it, but likes some of the options of my Kenmore better.  I offered to set up the Kenmore for her, but she said no she'd finish sewing with the Featherweight for today.  I'm enjoying spending the time with my Granddaughter.  She's a wonderful young lady (if I do say so myself)
Okay, back to the sewing room tomorrow and maybe some pictures :-)



Passions & Pursuits said...

I can't wait until my granddaughter is old enough to sew with me! Lucky you!

Passions and Pursuits said...

And Scruffy...what a cutie!