Thursday, October 28, 2010

didn't get 'er done!

Well, I didn't get my fall table topper done - got side tracked while looking at fabrics.  Now isn't that a surprise!  I finished my DGD's Christmas quilt.  I did feather wreaths in the quilting and was pretty happy with the results.  I really want to get comfortable with those feathers.  I watch every video I come across.  I figure eventually I'll be able to take all the techniques I see and come up with something I'm proud of. 
While I was looking at fabrics for a table topper, I came across some 11" square preprinted panels that I forgot I had.  I think I'll add to them and make place mats instead of a topper. 
I have also gone through my fabrics and pulled flannel to use for the Christmas jammies.  I will spend a day sometime next week and just cut everything out.  Then I'll be able to sew the jammies up at my leisure.  If I get the jammies done early enough, I may actually do some Christmas deco sewing. 
So I have projects in the works, projects planned and hopefully I'll find the ambition to do them :-)


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