Monday, October 25, 2010

seasons change

Seasons change and so do our taste in fabrics.  Thinking about this as I'm considering a new fall table topper.  I love the colors of fall!  As I look through my stash of fabrics, I see so many fabrics that I know I bought for a reason and probably loved when I bought, but now they are just 'there'. Oh, I do still like them, I simply can't remember what I had in mind for them when I bought them.  I'm thinking it may be time to cut up some of this fabric and make simple 4 or 9 patch blocks just to have some on hand for a charity quilt on down the road.  My fabric stash is not huge compared to many I've seen and I'm really trying to use fabrics that I already have before buying more.  Fat Quarters - now there's a topic!  I have been in a few FQ swaps and have a few of them.  You know, I don't really care for FQ's.  I know alot of quilters will buy a FQ because they like the fabric but don't really know what they'll use it for.  I do like scrappy quilts and most of what I make are scrappy, but I almost always use the scraps from the scrap basket.  My scrap basket has pieces as small as 2" and as large as 10".  A lot of strips in that basket, anywhere from 1½" wide to 3" wide.  And, no, I don't organize scraps.  They are all literally thrown in this big wicker laundry style basket.  When I sew scrappy, I reach in and use what I pull out (if it's a big enough piece). 
Enough for now - I will spend my day cleaning up from my previous project and getting ready to make that fall table topper!


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