Tuesday, September 29, 2015

That’s over!

Sister’s wedding was beautiful:

DSCN0069They said their vows as the sun was going down and the professional photographer was able to get pictures with the sun setting. ( This is the happy couple as taken by my hubby.)  It seemed as though God had his hand in this as everything was just perfect….

So that’s over and the long days of driving are done and I was very happy to be home.  I think I’m still playing catch-up on my rest.  Another nice thing about the wedding was being able to spend some time with my son without the interruptions of his being a husband and father.  With his wife in school and the kids in school, they weren’t able to attend the wedding, but my son flew in and actually escorted his aunt to her groom.  Okay, sorry, as usual I tend to side track…..

While I was gone had some unhappy things going on with friends.  One dear friend’s hubby had multiple strokes and one was considered massive…. QFC (Quilters for Comfort)  is coming together to make a quilt for her husband as he (and she) have a long road ahead of them.  A member of our QFC team has been diagnosed with cancer and the team is putting together a quilt for her.  And one of my very dearest friends has been diagnosed with uterine cancer and will be facing surgery soon.  I’m scrambling to get a quilt done for her prior to the surgery.  Fortunately, the doctor is saying it’s “early stage”.  When I look around and see the trials my friends are dealing with, I’m thankful for just  my sore knees and back….  Life is good and I thank God for my many blessings.

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