Thursday, November 5, 2015


I can finally show some pictures…

This is the quilt I made for my dear friend who was diagnosed with Uterine cancer.  She has since had her surgery and I’m ecstatic to say she was early stage and no further treatments are necessary after her surgery:

IMG_0245IMG_0246IMG_0247These blocks measured 15”.  I wanted to get this quilt done and in her hands before she had her surgery so I needed to be quick about it.  I did manage my goal!

This next quilt was for one of the Quilters for Comfort members who’s husband had a massive stroke.  The ladies from QFC donated embroidered crosses and verses from scripture.  One of our members sent me 20 blocks!  I incorporated them into the backing as well as a couple in the top.  There were a few embroidered blocks left that were sent on with the quilt as I knew our member will find a use for them in one of her “whisper” quilts:

IMG_0260IMG_0270 I chose fall fabrics from my stash as I felt they had the more masculine feel… 

This  following quilt was made from ‘left overs’… QFC had another one of our members who underwent kidney surgery and again the ladies donated angels.  There were enough for 2 quilts and as it turned out – we needed those extras as another of our members informed us she was undergoing chemo treatments..  This is her quilt top: ( I did not make or quilt the other quilt, so no picture of that one…)

IMG_0254IMG_0255   I did not quilt this.  I sent it on to another of our members for quilting as I was in a ‘rush’ to get my friend’s quilt finished.  The ‘flying geese’ are made from strip blocks that I was given.  I just took those strip blocks and paired with white squares and got the HST’s.  I felt this was a good quilt to use them on and I still have a LOT of those strip blocks left….

And this is just a picture of a quilt from Sew Fest I was quilting:

IMG_0238 at Sew Fest we had a stack of scrappy 9-patch blocks and I just stitched them all together and made a scrappy patchwork quilt.  As I looked at this quilt to decide how I wanted to quilt it, I chose the all-over swirls because I felt it needed some ‘texture’ because of all the different fabrics.  I wasn’t real fond of this quilt until it was in the ‘finished’ stage….

Okay, picture time over – now just some chit chat Smile

Okay so it’s ‘Holiday time’ and that means I start my yearly season of chaos.  I don’t normally make quilts for Christmas gifts but this year is the exception with need to get 4 done!  2 will be Christmas themed quilts for 2 small great nephews.  The youngest was born in July and due to my busy summer he did not get a baby quilt.  I’m sure by now my niece thinks I’ve ignored her birth announcement… I didn’t want to send a card and give the ‘something later’ message – so instead I decided to make both boys Christmas quilts and send them together.  The older boy is still young enough that I would not send something without including him…  The other 2 quilts are for my Step-daughter and her husband.  They live in Alabama and cheer on different college sports teams.  They will each get their own quilts with their teams fabrics … One is Auburn and the other the U of Alabama ….

I will also be making the pajama pants that I normally do for all my g-kids at Christmas but I’m hoping to change it up a little this year.  I’m hoping to find some heavier jersey knit to use instead of flannel. The kids today wear so many T’s and stretch(ier) fabrics than before and so I think they will appreciate the knit…. Guess I’ll find out….

And – I’ve been asked to work with a committee at the local Elk’s lodge to put together the Kids Christmas party this year… QFC has donated Christmas stockings in the past and had enough to last a couple years.  We’re needing at least 60 more, so this morning I put a shout out to the amazing ladies on the QFC Yahoo group for help….

Anyway, I had a relatively busy summer and now it’s looking like I will be staying busy through what’s left of 2015… 

If you’ve made it this far, I thank you for taking the time to read and comments are always appreciated.  I know I’m not real consistent in posting on my blog, but I just don’t figure my general chit chat and day to day is of interest to everyone….


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love your quilts - and your chit chat. Sounds like you're going to be a VERY busy lady - have fun and don't forget to breathe - ;))