Saturday, September 12, 2015

Not long now….

One more week to go and my sister will be a married lady.  I know you’re probably very tire of reading about it, but I’m so over-the-moon happy for her.  I live across the country and I so often worried about her being alone and not having anyone for her if she should get seriously ill.  Friends are great, but it’s not the same as having someone who lives with you….  Anyway, heading out this morning and I should be getting the last minute stuff done but decided I’d rather drink a peaceful cup of coffee before I wake up the hubs and start issuing ‘orders’.

We decided to rent a car for this trip rather than take our 9 year old 100K plus miles Hyundai.  I wanted to take our 10 year old GMC truck because it only has 65K miles on it, but hubby said no, it needed brakes and the gas mileage isn’t great.  Okay, pick up the car (2015 Nissan Altima) -  it rides very well; get it home to start packing it up – oh crap! smaller trunk than I figured.  I guess thank goodness neither of us have long legs and we will have room on the floor in the back seat!  I don’t know how my parents did it with 3 kids and 2 dogs traveling across country every summer….  I know my sister has said she has some stuff she wants to send home with me, sure hope it’s not a lot.  One of the ice chests we’re taking will stay with her, so guess if it doesn’t take up any more room than that one ice chest, we’re good…

I’m hoping to make a couple stops along the way and visit some quilt shops.  I rarely buy quilt store fabric as I can’t justify the cost of the fabric when it’s being donated for charity, but I still love stopping and looking.

Okay, I’m off and going to get busy… Sorry, no pictures and not really quilt related…


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