Saturday, September 5, 2015

Never Again!

This was the first and I’m swearing will be the last time I ever make a King size quilt!  My quilting frame will only quilt 84” … it says 90, but that’s the length of the rails.  Put a machine on the carriage and it will not go the full  length of the rails! 

Okay, so I knew this as I have done quilts that were larger.  I knew I could not get this fully assembled quilt on the frame.  I decided to quilt the ‘body’ of the quilt and I knew I would still have to turn it to quilt the side.  I knew I would add the borders after the ‘body’ was quilted.  I had this all planned.  I knew what I needed to do….

What I didn’t know was that when the needle tore a small spot in the backing while I was loading the quilt and I just advanced the backing that it would leave me short on the bottom!  Oh yes, about 4” short to be exact… So off the frame comes the quilt, trim the sides off and use that across the bottom so I can finish quilting the quilt.  So that’s back on the frame to quilt the bottom.  Off – back on the frame to quilt one side.  Off – back on the frame to quilt the other size – oh great!  Nope, not so great… I have a small pleat in the backing.  NO, I did not rip it out.  I love my sister.  She loves me and will understand my patience level at this point is non existent…. and .. it truly is small….

On to the border – oh wait – it’s planned to have a narrow inner border.  This isn’t going to work the way I planned…. Yes it does have the narrow border but  it’s not how it’s usually done.  I stitched the two border pieces together, attached the sides, then attached top and bottom.  The narrow border instead of framing the body of the quilt, goes edge to edge across the top and bottom…    And binding – I used just about every bit of the fabric I bought to construct this quilt so it has a two color binding – I do have a few inches of the dark brown left…..

So here it is – finished at 102” square:

FullSizeRenderIMG_0233IMG_0236 The pictures aren’t the best, but I hope you get the idea…  It was wet outside and I really had no space large enough to lay this out …  Maybe I can get a picture of the bride & groom holding it up when I gift it to them…

So now I’m quilting the quilts I brought back from Sew Fest.  If I can get them quilted, I will only have to label and bind them when I get back and have them sent off by Nov.  1st..

two weeks from tomorrow and my dear sister will be a married lady – I’m beyond excited for her.. 

Okay enough of that… I hope things are cooling off in your part of the country.  AZ has been a bit ‘warm’ and I’m ready for cool (not cold!) temperatures.  We’ve had more rain than usual this summer and the mosquitos have moved in … I’m ready for them to move out!

Katie who will run along before she gets too chatty about stuff that doesn’t mean squat to anyone else….

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I think your sister is going to LOVE it!! I have a couple of quilts with the inner border going from edge to edge and no one really knows that I didn't do it on purpose - unless I tell them - ;))