Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sew Fest 2015

Odenville, AL was an absolutely beautiful place to hold Sew Fest and the Magnolia Park Retreat was amazing.  Unfortunately, we were their last retreat.  Elizabeth is ‘retiring’ from cooking.  She is opening (in the future) a facility that can be rented that will have a kitchen facility available and a huge work room.  The new facility will be able to house 8 (maybe 10) and boasts 5 full baths.  Anyway… Sew Fest 2015 was an absolutely amazing week.  Here’s a little sample of what what 11 sewist and 2 non sewist can accomplish in a week:

We changed things up a bit this year.  We normally do only Patriotic theme quilts for donation to veteran facilities or other service connected organizations that support our troops and veterans.  This year we added Christmas / winter theme quilts for donation to a children’s hospital.  The red, white & gold fabrics that were available worked with both Patriotic and Christmas  / winter.   There were a couple quilts made using preprinted panels and I love how each one is different.  Such creativity!

Now I really have to buckle down and get things finished for my sister’s wedding!  I still have my dress to make, my husband’s shirt and the wedding quilt!  I have a month…… oh dear!  I better get busy…..


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